EIT food Circular Food Systems System Mapping – Your contribution is needed!

Following to a xKIC call (Circular Economy Cross-KIC Analysis) published on the 19th March 2020, EIT food in cooperation with the Danish Technical University (DTU) has started a project to co-create a shared EIT-KIC strategy and roadmap for a Circular Europe, which will boost the impact and reach of the KICs in circular economy (CE) initiatives.


The shared strategy will engage six EIT KICs: Food, Raw Materials, Digital, Climate, Manufacturing, and Urban Mobility. It will include a systemic analysis of the existing Circular Economy-related project portfolio within the KICs and the broad Circular Economy strategy in Europe.

The purpose of this database is mostly related to keep track of what our KICs communities have undertaken, supported, developed so far in the framework of the circular economy (in our case circular food systems).

The development of the strategy will be led by a team of dedicated circular economy researchers at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with solid experience in strategy process facilitation. Moreover, a project team was assigned to represent the KICs and co-create the strategy (Figure 1):

The project activities are organised in three main content work packages (WPs) (Figure 2):



  • Goal: to identify, classify and map all current CE-related initiatives within the six KICs and map potential synergies, overlaps and gaps.
  • Deliverables:
    • Database of CE-related initiatives across the six engaged KICs;
    • Dynamic digital system map of the CE-related initiatives across KICs (Kumu);
    • Executive summary of the identified synergies, overlaps and gaps.


  • Goals: to identify, classify and map relevant current CE-related initiatives and strategic plans/roadmaps carried out by key European stakeholders and benchmark with these key stakeholders.
  • Deliverables:
    • Database of CE-related initiatives and strategic plans/roadmaps in the selected European stakeholders;
    • Dynamic digital systems map of the most relevant CE-related initiatives and strategic plans/roadmaps in Europe (Kumu);
    • Executive summary of the benchmark study with key strengths and gaps.


  • Goals: to develop a 10-year joint strategy and roadmap on a Circular Europe.
  • Deliverables:
    • Joint future strategy for a Circular Europe across the KICs;
    • Strategic joint roadmap for a Circular Europe across the KICs.

We need EIT food CLCs support:


Considering the relevant and legitime role of the Circular Food Systems in the framework of the whole Circular Economy, all the EIT food CLCs are invited to share their knowledge.

Your contribution will allow the whole xKIC community to understand how to move on in the future, avoiding duplicates, using models/ideas/materials already existing in the framework of a much more efficient and sustainable use of EIT food resources. In addition, such initiative, will enable us to interact better with all the parties engaged with the EC Farm 2 Fork strategy and future actions.


Our first activity in WP1 is to identify any relevant initiatives related to circular economy within the KICs – the deadline to provide to the platform these inputs is the 15th July.

  • For that, we ask your support to prepare an info pack to gather such initiatives.
  • A template with guidelines about how to list the initiatives is available here.


Should you need more info or support, please do not hesitate to contact @Angelantonio D'Amario or @Marina de Pádua Pieroni (DTU).


Please feel free to share this message with any colleague you might think could help us to complete the system mapping.

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